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Founded in 2001, the Pio High School is a private, co-education, non-sectarian, boarding school for forms 1-6, owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dodoma.

The school was officially registered on 3rd October, 2004 under Tumain Social Services Development (TSSD).


The School is located in the town of Kibaigwa within Kongwa District, Dodoma Region.


The Pio High School began with only 59 students, but now the school has grown and currently has over 450 students.


Many of our students commute from Kongwa District, Dodoma region and its suburban areas and some students are from other regions of Tanzania.

The student body is rich in diversity and provides an unparallel social and cultural experience, as students are able to interact with each other without prejudice to religions, creed and race.

3.0 Faculty and Administration

The Manager and founder of the school is FR. FABIANO CUTTIN as a religious Missionary from the CAPUCHIN community, He is here to provide leadership and to oversee the daily operation and smooth running of the school.

Working alongside the Manager is the Headmaster of the school. Mr. DEOGRATIUS SALAWI, who is here to supervise discipline and curriculum implementation to meet the objectives of the school.


To deliver high quality education the school has a total of ten streams. FI-3 streams, FII-3 streams, FIII-2 streams, and FIV-2 streams.


4.0 Academia

The Pio High School offers both science and arts based subjects which promote the development of individual talents and creativity through a carefully and integrated curriculum. The subjects offered at our school are:-



4.1 Ordinary Level (I-IV)

Social Sciences

Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, and English Language

Natural Sciences

Physics, Chemistry, Biology Basic Mathematics and Computer Studies.


4.2 Advanced level (V-VI)

We offer courses in the Social Sciences only:

HGL– History, Geography, and Language

HKL-History, Kiswahili and Language

HGK-History, Geography and Kiswahili.


4.3 Examinations

The school is officially a registered school with NECTA under number S.1145. It takes all examinations with the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA). Its examination centre number is S.1328.


4.4 Academic Achievement

The Pio High School has achieved good academic examination results since it started. In recognition of this, the District Education officer has awarded us a certificate for good performance.


4.5 Facilities and Resources

In line with the Vision, Mission and Motto of the school, we are proud of our facilities. So far, the Pio High School has 14 classrooms, two science laboratories (Physics/Chemistry and Biology), one computer laboratory with (20 PCs), one library (with over 600 volumes), a multipurpose hall which can accommodate about 150 people, dormitories, and teachers' houses.



4.6 Other Social Facilities

The Pio High School has the following social facilities for the students and the faculty; water, electricity, music system, cars, and fields for sports and games.


4.7 Clubs and Organizations

To balance academica, a number of clubs and organizations have been initiated. These includes a science club, drama club, writing club, debating club, social science club, environmental club, scouts and girls guides.




4.8 Talents Day

Students get an opportunity to identify, and develop their talents. Each student is expected to get actively involved in a particular activity on this day.


4.9 Study Tour

The Pio High School ensures that students do not only learn in class but also get an opportunity to visit places of their choice to help them relate theory and practice and so better understand their lessons at school.

4.10 School Anthem

Our school anthem has been written in a way that reflects our vision, mission and motto.


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